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Mindy Mae

"Only you can bring the color in"
Name: Mindy
Age: 22 years old
Location: Maryland
Height: 5'6
Started October 25, 2010
HW:235 GW:150 UGW:140
CW:220 170 210 201.2
Start Middle Now
B: 39 36 38.5
W: 38.4 35.5 40
M: 48.1 43 48
H: 45.6 42.75 46.5
30 Day Challenge
Progress: Under Construction
LilySlim Weight loss tickers

It’s been 12 days since I decided I was going to get back on track. I’ve gone from 210 lbs to 201.2 lbs. That’s 8.8 pounds in a little under 2 weeks. I’m really excited & motivated to keep going. I’m using Noom weightloss coach on my phone to log my calories & get motivation. The Olympics are helping with the motivation too. It’s hard to watch these people do such amazing olympic feats before me and not want to better myself.


Even when it’s bad news. Turns out I’ve gained back everything. I’m now 205 lbs. I guess it’s technically a good thing I never actually bought my rewards. I looked at my goal page to see the original date I met those goals. The last goal was May 19,2011. 2011! Since then I’ve gained 24 pounds! I’m so upset with myself right now! The good news is that because of my setback, my husband is now motivating me and going to do this with me this time.  But I’m back an entire year now! I could already be there! 

200: [7/31]Teakettle - Not anymore [DONE! [December 1st, 2010]]

190: [9/01]A digital scale. One of those fancy ones that tells you your BMI & hydration level. - Not anymore [DONE! [March 13, 2011]]

180: [10/02] Watch with a heart rate monitor & a calories burned calculator. - Not anymore [DONE! [May 19, 2011]]

170: [11/06] 

160: [12/18] 

150: [1/29]

140: [3/15] [Or wherever I feel most comfortable]: Shopping spree! I’m going to need clothes that fit & a new bathing suit [we’ll see if I feel comfortable in a bikini]

Here’s to weighing in…

I knew my pants were getting tighter, but I didn’t really know the damage I’d done since August. The scale at work said 195 lbs. I can either learn that I obviously cannot do intuitive eating and start counting calories again, or I can wallow in my failure. I got to 170! I got there! I was so proud of myself that I quit for a “little” while because I was happy where I was. I’m definitely not happy where I am anymore. I have to change my habits again. I know how it’s done, I just need to do it. That’s the hard hard part.

ugh I could kick myself for this! August, I was 170! 1-freaking-70! I was close & my goals could have been met by summer! Now I’m set back 25 pounds! That’s another 4 months at least! 

So I accidentally weighed myself last night

So I’ve been living this guilt free lifestyle for quite awhile now. My scale is broken so other than measurements, I can’t keep track of progress, of which I’m sure there’s none. My jeans fit tighter, that’s enough to confirm this isn’t working. I have no idea what I weigh right now so I don’t know what to base things on. I go here, but I don’t know what to put in. I bought new workout clothes a month ago and have yet to use them. While re-doing my theme today I stumbled upon my goals page. I haven’t updated it since May. I haven’t hit any goals since May. That’s almost a year ago! I haven’t consistently counted calories since August, I quit caring. I want to start again, but I don’t know if counting calories is right for me. I think I want to try intuitive eating. I hate the guilt I get from seeing negative calories no matter how good I did the day before. I cannot give up now. I’m half way there.

I re-did my goals page and used 180 pounds as a basis on losertown. I should hit my goals if I actually attempt them by October. (That’s roughly 1,700 calories a day + 3-5 moderate workouts a week.) That’s exactly 2 years since I started this. 2 years to lose 78 pounds. Jeez that’s a huge number! I should honestly be proud to be able to do that. 

Should I try intuitive eating because it’s easier & leaves more room for screw ups or should I count calories because it’s proven to work, but not that great for my mental health?


I’m unprepared! 

Such a simple idea isn’t it? Just get prepared! I have you all as my support system. We’re all going through the same basic battles day to day. This isn’t about will power, it’s just about planning. I never plan. I take everything day by day. It’s time to plan. I’m planning each week. What I’m going to eat for each meal, each day. So I am always prepared. I’m excited about this! I’ll post more later about how I’m doing this!

I completely understand why I’m failing.

I guess my body is just ready to get rid of all this excess salt & sweets I’ve been putting into it regularly. 

Down 2 pounds since Monday! XD

I can’t believe that I went from a standard size 7 to a 5 3/4! I knew they were loose, but damn! I dropped over a whole size! I really didn’t think my hands were that chubby, but I guess you lose everywhere. XD

I had to send my rings off to be re-sized yesterday.


Is it possible to lose weight in only certain parts of your body? I’m not trying to do it purposely, I just feel like my stomach is staying the same, but my legs/boobs are shrinking. I’m pretty sure my legs fit into a size 8, while my stomach is still a size 12. I’m not looking forward to pants season again with baggy legs. Shrink stomach, shrink!!

I wish it was possible. I’m having the same issue.

Is it possible…

Interesting, considering I used to have a BMI of 35.2
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