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Mindy Mae

"Only you can bring the color in"
Name: Mindy
Age: 22 years old
Location: Maryland
Height: 5'6
Started October 25, 2010
HW:235 GW:150 UGW:140
CW:220 170 210 201.2
Start Middle Now
B: 39 36 38.5
W: 38.4 35.5 40
M: 48.1 43 48
H: 45.6 42.75 46.5
30 Day Challenge
Progress: Under Construction
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" The newspaper headline screams: “Eighteen-Year-Old Slain by Husband after Giving Birth.” As you continue reading, you learn that the young woman was brainwashed by a strange blood-drinking cult who call themselves a “family,” though none of the members were actually related. The young woman’s husband was much older than she and had a history of violence. In fact, you learn that her husband used to stalk her prior to her marriage, watching her secretly from the woods near her home and climbing into an unsecured window at night to watch her sleep without her knowledge. Once the young woman, then seventeen, was initiated into a relationship with the man and his “family,” she was encouraged to marry right after her high school graduation. The young woman reportedly had bruises all over her body after returning from her honeymoon, where she also reportedly became pregnant. Her husband was not happy about the pregnancy and wanted her to have an abortion. She refused, eventually leading to him ripping the child from her womb, then, draining her of her blood until she finally stopped breathing. Sounds torturous and sick, doesn’t it? But in fact, this is the basis of a tween-teen literary phenomenon called the Twilight saga… "

Twilight and Philosophy, p.178 (chapter by Rebecca Housel/via theharpy)

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