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Mindy Mae

"Only you can bring the color in"
Name: Mindy
Age: 22 years old
Location: Maryland
Height: 5'6
Started October 25, 2010
HW:235 GW:150 UGW:140
CW:220 170 210 201.2
Start Middle Now
B: 39 36 38.5
W: 38.4 35.5 40
M: 48.1 43 48
H: 45.6 42.75 46.5
30 Day Challenge
Progress: Under Construction
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[The month is over and I never finished this…]

I remember being 125 lbs in 8th grade. That was really the last time I remembered being weighed until I was an adult. As an adult I knew I was overweight, but I didn’t really realize how overweight I was. I went to the doctor at 18 and was told I should seriously think about losing weight since I was going on birth control. I was offered South Beach & Weight Watchers, but I didn’t have the money to pay for either.

I don’t remember ever being thin. I just gradually gained as I got older. I was never tiny, dainty. It was just simply my eating habits. Fast food. Pizza Hut every Friday. Barely ever ate vegetables. I never thought about being healthy. I just liked food that tasted good.  

Day Twenty-Two- What was your lowest weight? How and why did you gain?

I wear a size 16 pants, but they’re falling off. I can’t quite fit into a 14 yet though. (Started in a size 18/20)

I wear a size 14 dress. XD (Started in an 18)

I usually buy size lg-xl in shirts still. (Large bust) (Started in an xl-xxl)

Day Twenty-One- What are your clothing sizes?

Not having a diet?

I don’t like diets. They’re usually not healthy and not something you can do long term. I like lifestyle changes. I don’t want to lose all this weight quickly on an extreme restriction diet and then gain it all back because I haven’t learned anything about nutrition and go back to my old eating habits because I can’t deprive myself anymore. Then do it again to lose weight fast and relapse, relapse, relapse. I would rather learn good nutrition habits to lose the weight slowly and keep it off for the rest of my life because I’m taking care of my body and being healthy. 

I would rather be healthy and happy by learning better eating habits, than unhealthy and miserable from starving myself.

Day Twenty- Favorite diet?

…Today. I had Wendy’s. Spicy chicken sandwich & apple slices with a bottle of water. I was in a pinch and I know it’s not good for me, but I had to eat something. I never order fries, although I might eat one or two of my hubby’s. 

Day Nineteen- When is the last time you ate fast food?

Ice cream. I eat it almost daily. It’s the best thing in the world. I just remember moderation. If I must have it, then no more than a half cup. Sometimes 1 cup if I have more than one flavor, but that is pushing it. 

Day Eighteen- What food is your weakness?

Nope. I never have and never will.

Day Seventeen- Do you have an eating disorder?

I decided that I needed to change right after highschool. (2007) I got a job at McDonald’s right after graduation and put on at least 20 pounds. I didn’t really have a scale then, but I have photos. I felt disgusted with myself. My clothes weren’t fitting anymore. I couldn’t shop for jeans anywhere except for the plus size section & Old Navy (they size their clothes bigger than other stores). Not even Walmart. I remember trying on a pair of size 18 jeans and not being able to button them. I was devastated. In denile about my size. I knew I was obese. I knew I was setting myself up for a long list of health related problems, but I didn’t want to change my habits. I wanted to find a pill or something, anything that would just make the pounds come off. Luckily I found my husband at this time as well. He made me feel beautiful and wanted me for me. There hasn’t ever been a time where he could keep his hands off me. That’s always made me feel good about myself. No matter how bad I hated my body, he loved it and he loved me. Slowly I started to love myself too. How could I not when he loved me so much? Then my goals changed. I just wanted to get healthy. I already loved myself and don’t feel the need to get thinner just to be thinner. Or to attract men, I have one. I just want to get healthy and be the best wife I can be.

The day I decided it was time was October 25, 2011. I’ve documented my weight loss ever since on here. 

Day Sixteen- When did you first decide to lose weight?

I’m not a vegan or vegetarian.

I don’t think I could ever be a total vegetarian, but I’m considering making my diet 75% vegetables.

Day Fifteen- Are you vegan or vegetarian? If so, has this helped you lose weight? If not, would you ever consider turning vegan or vegetarian?

[I’m a week behind on these so I’m going to do a few.]

My UGW is around 140. That’s just a guess though because I don’t know what I’ll look like when I get there. That’s more like my lowest weight I ever want to be at this point in time. If I get to 150 and I’m happy there I may stop. 

According to losertown I should expect to reach it around November. 

Day fourteen- What’s your UGW? When you expect to reach it?

HEALTHY!! I do not ever starve. I eat at least 3 meals a day, EVERYDAY, plus snacks. I believe that weight loss is at least 60% nutrition. Exercise is a plus and will help you reach your goals and is good for you, but you really need to analyze what you’re putting in your body. If you eat mcdonalds over a homemade salad you’re not nourishing your body the way you need to. Grease is not good for you. Yes, I get a cheeseburger sometimes, but I’m learning to take care of myself.

It’s a slow process and every good decision is one step closer to where you want to be. 

Day Thirteen- Are you losing weight in a healthy or unhealthy way?
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